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Choose a tax preparation specialist who can assist with all your financial needs. Advantage Tax and Accounting continues to serve Onslow County locally and military families across the United States for over 30 years. You can expect exemplary tax preparation and planning that considers your unique financial situation.

Our goal is for you to have your best tax season every year. We take the time to consider many factors regarding each tax return in order to arrive at the best tax strategy for current and future implications. To Advantage Tax and Accounting, your tax returns are more than just numbers.

Individual and Self Employment Tax Filings

No matter what changes in your life, Advantage Tax and Accounting is there to support you through the good and the bad. We consider every facet of your journey to get you the best deductions and credits available to you. We will e-file all your Federal 1040 forms, sole proprietor and single-member LLC Schedule C, D, E and F forms as well as your State taxes if applicable.

Business and Corporate Tax Filings

Advantage Tax and Accounting is certified to prepare Federal and State business tax returns for, S and C Corps, Partnerships, LLC and Non-profit organizations in all 50 states. We also prepare fiduciary Trusts and Estate tax returns.

Tax Planning for Military Families

Life for military families and personnel can be varied from year to year. Advantage Tax and Accounting understands all facets of military pay, and retirement plans. Consult with us to help you prepare for changes and transitioning into civilian life. We review your last 3 years' filings with no fee.

Enrolled Agent Services

Our enrolled agent on staff can represent you before Internal Revenue Service in the event of an audit. Contact us today to leverage over 30 years of tax expertise, integrity and honesty when you get your taxes done this year.