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Our goal as your financial advisor is to help you develop and execute realistically achievable financial goals using the correct mix of investments, insurances and financial products. The Series 6 and 63-licensed financial advisors at Advantage Tax and Accounting assess your current financial health by identifying the strengths and addressing the weaknesses in your budgeting.

To ensure that you receive the best financial strategies, Advantage Tax and Accounting is an independent firm and does not represent any one investment firm or insurance company. Our focus is only on what's in the best interest of achieving your goals. This means more options for products that fit your budget and risk tolerance.

Financial Analysis

Advantage Tax and Accounting takes your current financial situation, combines your hopes and dreams for the life you want to lead to draft financial plans that prepare you for the variables along the way. This allows you to plan for changes in income, health and family to meet your goals.

Retirement Planning

With savings tools like Simple IRAs, Traditional and Roth IRA's, 401K's and Annuities, our financial representatives can generate the confidence that your retirement will be as comfortable as it can be. We recommend saving as early as possible for retirement. We take a complete review of your retirement goals, including consideration of the tax benefits and disadvantages of your options. Retirement is not a one-size fits all goal.


We can review and advise on the current policy you hold as well as offer options for life insurance and long-term care.

Short and Long Term Investment Strategy

Regardless of your age, your investment strategy will not be the same as all your peers in your age group. Your Advantage Tax and Accounting financial representatives will recommend the right mix of short and long-term investments to help you meet income and savings goals. Short-term investments such as CD's and bonds, offer lower risk but smaller returns. Long-term investments such as mutual funds and Stocks offer greater returns over time. Since there are benefits and risks to both, it is imperative to have a sound investment plan for both short and long-term goals.

Military Personnel Financial Advisor

Planning for life outside of the military and the transition into civilian life can be hard to navigate. Advantage Tax and Accounting can help you through this time by a review of your current retirement plan and options for you in the civilian world. As a family-owned and operated company, the future of your family is very important to us. The financial advisors at Advantage Tax and Accounting are passionate about your future. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.